Five Points

 We need to address the parking situation in Five Points NOW and also anticipate and plan ahead for what Five Points will look like two years, five years, and ten years down the road, and take action to make that vision a reality. 


 We need to protect the unique character of our neighborhoods though historic district designation OR though design overlay districts which can be tailored to the specific needs of individual neighborhoods. 

Business Corridors

We need to clean up the major roadways that bring visitors to Athens, with better development and planning, thriving businesses and more attractive streetscapes.

Economic Development

We need to draw a diverse mix of white collar jobs and new 21st century industry to Athens, including some of the booming Georgia television and film industry, and not just rely on a few university-related industries.


 We need to do more than just ensure that minorities aren’t discriminated against in bars and restaurants - we need to foster and incentivize minority business development and entrepreneurship to keep our best and brightest here in Athens, giving back to Athens and creating a truly economically and socially diverse community. 


We need to begin implementation of the Downton Master Plan and develop a healthy mix of retail, entertainment, residential and office space to create a vibrant, livable, workable downtown district that we can all enjoy–day or night.